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A motorcycle purchased on lease for a customer.jpg

A motorcycle purchased on lease for a customer

Deposit Products

Plus One Universal Savings

  • Minimum opening balance of N1,000
  • Account holders can save and withdraw from the account at anytime
  • Minimum account balance of N500
  • Deposit attracts competitive interest rate per annum,
  • Forfeiture of interest if withdrawals are more than thrice in a month

Plus One Target Savings

  • Designed to meet targeted financial needs during special occasions or travels
  • Minimum opening balance of N1,000
  • Interest rate is above the Plus One Universal Savings Account rate
  • No withdrawal from account until after 3 months, to qualify for loan
  • You can borrow up to three (3) times the amount saved and balance on account
  • Repayment spreads after 3-6 months

Fixed Deposits

  • Placement of funds for specific tenor
  • Various maturities, namely: strict-call, 30-days, 60-days or 90-day  
  • The rates for different maturities are very attractive and negotiable.
  • Minimum deposit of N100,000
  • Deposit can be used as collateral for loan

Current Account

  • This a cheque clearing account
  • Minimum opening balance of N3,000 for individual and N5,000 for SMEs
  • Account holder qualifies for overdrafts or loans